About Us

A family owned and operated company focused on excellence, Eagle Chair Inc. was founded in Houston in 1984 and is a continuation of Yuglich family woodworking and forestry conservation traditions with roots going back to the 1400’s forest frontiers of Ruthenia.

At Eagle Chair, the old European tradition of quality combined with the best of the newest American technology results in affordable, very well built, high quality products, which are designed to last longer and perform better than other options on the market.

Offering very classical European designs, American classics, contemporary and modern styles, our family offers original innovative designs, and we aim to satisfy any demands in the markets we serve.

Based in Houston, Texas out of our 80,000 sqft. production facilities using modern manufacturing technology combined with highly skilled European trained craftsmen and a management team with over 35 years of furniture industry experience.


“It has been ten years, yet the tables and benches are performing wonderfully – KUDOS on the craftsmanship at Eagle Chair!”


Pinnacle Food Group

“First off, I wanted to say…thank you so very much for all of your help with our recent Eagle Chair order.  The chairs not only look incredible, but we have had many comments regarding how comfortable they are.  Thank you for ensuring such a quality product would arrive on time for our huge install…particularly with such a tight time frame.  It is only because of people like you and companies like Eagle Chair that we are able to do what we do.”


From: An experienced GC specializing in restaurant construction

Date: June 20, 2015 at 7:00:31 PM CDT

To: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Subject: Booths

I forgot to put in my report this morning that the booths were installed last night. They are the nicest, best made booths I have ever seen. Eagle Chair Company did a great job.


“We were impressed with your staff and products Friday night when we picked up the cushions for P—– Italian restaurant that opens today! The customer said that the quality of the work was better than he expected. We appreciate the quick thinking and problem solving that was done at the last minute when they ran out of fabric. The black piping on the booth backs was an excellent choice and I think it looks better than the way I had specified it. Every seat fit beautifully, and was a snug seat. It turned out to be a very sophisticated, high-end installation on a tight budget. We appreciate your competitive pricing, timeliness, communication, problem-solving and logistics coordination. The boxes fit tightly in our truck and your staff did an excellent job helping us get the cushions finished as we watched, getting everything loaded and tied down in 101 degrees at 6:30 on a Friday night. It is refreshing to have a positive experience with a furniture order! I have been selling furniture for 30 years and haven’t had many jobs come in on time and with no mistakes. I will be in touch for my next order soon!

~Thank you~”

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