Upholstered Booths

Eagle Chair booths, handcrafted by our experienced artisans per order, are first built with a solid oak frame that is guaranteed for the entirety of the booth’s lifetime. Built completely level, we usually provide glides for you to adjust to slight variations of level in newly built floors, so it’s one less concern.

Our foam is high-quality, will not flatten out, and shaped for comfort – a back support angle and an angled seat that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

You choose the vinyl, size, height, style . .

Even for by-design flat seats and backs, we will strive to adjust what is necessary to retain the Eagle Chair norm of booth comfort, while achieving the look desired.

Our special suspension system is in a whole other league from springs, also lifetime guaranteed; never wears down, and doesn’t result in dips when multiple people seat like springs do.

Below we showcase styles to start off with. These have been field tested and already include years of knowledge poured into durability and geometry to provide you with a mix of comfort and design.

Choose a style, then decide the height, the shape (singles, doubles, circles, etc), the length, the style of back, and any other add-ons for a COM quote.

8336 Desoto Series

The most affordable yet versatile booth style, the Desoto series allows for any back style (channels, V, additional headroll, etc), any height, and is one of our quicker styles to make. Use wooden legs instead of a base, change depth size, increase the size of the seat; these are all viable options. Looking for a sure thing? Not sure where to start? Check if Desoto is the one for you.

8304 Lavaca Series

Lavaca is akin to the Desoto series except it defaults with wooden double bun legs and nails along the back.

8305 Matagorda Series

Matagorda is another variant of the Lavaca series, but with an unique arched back.

8370 Phatt Series

The Phatt series is designed to have a very lush deep back, and an overall boxy look, sewn to exaggerate the edges.

The 8340s are a similar look, but without the thick back that defines the Phatt series.

8500 Dalhart Series

Structurally absent the skirt that defines the 83- and 84- series, the Dalhart series is for those that desire a more solid look while keeping to the Eagle Chair comfort and durability we’re known for.

8807 Chiba Series

Visually a whole different design, the Chiba series is great for the hospitality industry in waiting rooms or lobbies.

Another way to look at Eagle Chair builds is our secondary numbering system; if there is a very specific style you’re wanting to attain, we can definitely provide it.